Laboratory of Applied Pharmacokinetics and Bioinformatics
Optimizing drug therapy for populations and individuals

Workshop Details

5th Annual Individualized Therapeutic Approach Group (ITAG) Meeting

A three-day workshop and Pmetrics/BestDose user meeting


School of Medicine and Pharmacy, Rockefeller campus, University of Lyon, Lyon, France
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Getting there:

This location in the center of Lyon is easily accessible by public transportation, including underground, city trains and buses. There is an underground metro station in front of the campus (line D, station Grange-Blanche). With the metro underground, it takes about 10 min to go from this location to the Part-Dieu train station, which is the main train station in Lyon with access to TGV and rail shuttle to the airport.


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Lunches and dinners on the first two days are included in the registration.

Dates: April 13-15, 2016


Workshop cost:

350 euros for ESCMID members; 550 euros for non-members


Day 1 - April 13, Pmetrics

9:00-10:00Review of pre-workshop tutorial
10:00-12:00Fitting data to models in Pmetrics
1:30-3:00Details and plotting of Pmetrics objects made during a run
3:00-5:00Pmetrics modeling exercises with tutors

Day 2 - April 14, Pmetrics/BestDose

9:00-10:30Simulating and probability of target attainment with Pmetrics
10:30-12:00Simulation exercises with tutors
1:30-2:30Understanding how BestDose works and the 3 modes
2:30-3:30Using BestDose standalone
3:30-5:00BestDose exercises with tutors

Day 3 - April 15, BestDose/Projects

9:00-10:30Using BestDose in R and on the web
10:30-12:00BestDose Server exercises with tutors
1:30-2:00CLOSING and certificates of attendance
2:00-4:00Staff available for questions or work on your own data

Organizing Committee


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